How to make a phone number online (for free)

if you go to and sign up you can get a phone number! super simple, right?  you can also go to the app store and search textnow, and it will come up right away! thanks for viewing this post, you are awesome!

Easy Rainbow slime

What  You’ll need:

 food coloring (required, red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple)

1/2 cup clear glue (required)

5 tablespoons glitter (optional)

contact lense solution (required)

Large bowl (required)



Pour Your clear glue into a large bowl, then add in your glitter and stir, add in your contact lense solution and stir, knead till slime comes together, divide slime into 6 different pieces (try to make them as Evan as you can), out a different food coloring to each different piece of slime,put them together and have fun!



this slime will be temporarily rainbow, so once you’ve played with it for a while it will be one large slime, that only has one color.