Calvin Harris - feels (video 2) ft Pharrell Williams, katy perry

A fun up beat music video you must watch

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Deal with back to school

1. Impress the teacher by being as respectful as possible, even if somebody tells you not too or you really want to do something.

2. Make friends! What you should look for: someone who likes you for you. Not too get your snacks or your money šŸ’° And make sure she/he is kind and nice too you and others! Not the popular ones the one you enjoy hanging out with at recess and like too sit with during lunch.

3. Join a club or a team too make your marks as a person. You are like a piece of paper you draw what you want to on itĀ 

4. If there is a subject your confused with? Studying is the answer! Learn about it and practice it and always feel free to ask questions at school. Anything that will help you do your best is the key

5. If there is anything I didn't answer about school just ask a adult, they have years of experience so just ask them what you wish to know. As long as there not busy


let the rain poor

i feel good and bad about back to school, it is like rain, but really pretty rain, and it depends on how hard it is pooring, but without rain! we will never have a rainbow

With kind regards


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hi I'm olivia. This is my website I will post what I'm up to or what I'm interested in on this blog so keep checking in for new postsĀ 

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